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Let's Talk Commercialisation

A facilitated public forum discussing best practice in commercialisation

Let’s Talk Commercialisation (LTC) events are a public open forum developed by the Commercialisation Studies Centre (CSC) Ltd to disseminate best-practice knowledge and research, into commercialisation.


Please join us for a stimulating, informative event, the opportunity to network and share ideas with those who also seek to increase their knowledge about best practice in the challenging world of commercialisation.

The events comprise a panel of industry, academic, and other relevant stakeholders in the national innovation system (e.g. government). Each event focuses on a topic related to commercialisation and commences with a presentation of state-of-art research findings from an academic panellist. This is followed by a facilitated panel discussion drawing on the expertise and experience of the panellists. Interactive question and answer sessions and networking opportunities form a key part of the event.

Event 1:University-Industry Collaboration for Commercialisation -27 April 2022

Event 2:The Role of Venture Capital in Commercialisation -27 July 2022

Event 3:Commercialisation by Innovative Small Firms -26 October 2022

Program Content

  • Inform and educate about the commercialisation process
  • Provide a pathway for further learning
  • Provide networking opportunities for the participants who attend
  • Stimulate discussion and knowledge exchange between participants around the topic of commercialisation.
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