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Advanced Negotiation in Practice

AIM WA UWA Business School Executive Education

Effective negotiation involves developing a process that leads to constructive outcomes.

Program Overview

Gain an understanding of how negotiations work and be aware of your impact. The tone of your voice, your body language, and your phrasing can have a significant impact on the process and outcome of any negotiation. Gaining the skills to negotiate, coupled with an understanding of your personal impact, will improve your negotiation technique and lead to better outcomes.

This program combines the negotiation and research expertise of Professor Ray Fells from the UWA Business School with the coaching and role playing expertise of "The Experience Lab" a team of improvisation actors. By employing a distinctive experiential approach, participants will gain practical insight into how to manage their negotiations more effectively and avoid pitfalls. This knowledge will be brought to life through case studies, simulations, role plays and coaching. The program culminates in a substantial negotiation simulation in which “The Experience Lab” team will challenge, guide and coach the participants to develop and improve their practical skills.

Who Will Benefit?

This program is highly beneficial for those whose roles involve negotiation and achieving the agreement of others, whether in formal negotiation settings such as procurement or enterprise bargaining, or in less formal settings such as leading an organisational change process or working in dynamic teams.

Learning Outcomes

About the negotiation process: 

  • The DNA of negotiation – a practical understanding of how negotiations work, including what power and trust mean in the context of negotiation
  • Strategic thinking – tools to enable you to become a proactive rather than reactive negotiator
  • A reflective approach that will enable you to continually enhance your negotiation effectiveness and understand your own style as a negotiator.
  • Feedback on current strengths and weaknesses
  • Practical skills in managing the tasks that are needed to achieve a constructive outcome
  • Personalised skills development in  managing the interaction between yourself and other negotiators.

About the facilitator

Professor Ray Fells
Ray gained experience in employment and industrial relations field in the U.K. In the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, Ray acted as an adviser to companies on personnel and industrial relations issues in a role similar to that of a consultant. His work in ACAS also involved being a formally appointed conciliator to assist in the resolution of management-union disputes in the London area. This advisory and conciliation role covered both the private and public sectors.

Ray has developed and taught successful courses in industrial relations and negotiation at both undergraduate and post-graduate level and now focuses his teaching and research on negotiation in the business context. Ray currently teaches on MBA programs in Sydney and Copenhagen as well as at UWA.

The Experience Lab

The Experience Lab provide actors to enhance your training days by infusing them with practical activities - helping you to embed the learning from the classroom and allowing participants to experience what utilising their new skills feels like.

whether it is creating a memorable end to your day or integrating more fully into your program to provide different learning experiences - The Experience Lab tailor activites to put the theory into practice. Some of the services the lab provides are as follows: 

  • Realplayers
  • Simulations
  • Skill Building
  • Theatre Based Training.
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