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Get targeted attention on the issues that matter to you.

Work with mentors who have been responsible for billion dollar budgets and led tens of thousands of staff.

They’ve led both by direction and influence; at times in highly sensitive, contested and public contexts. Our team includes former public and private sector CEOs, former senior members of Government, industry and sector experts, internationally renowned, award winning Faculty, and highly experienced senior executive coaches and psychologists. Our mentors can empower you with their expertise in all areas of business, from commercial acumen and strategy through to marketing and organisational development. Work one-on-one with them to exceed expectations in your day-to-day operations or on those special projects.

“While mentoring was once seen as just for the “stars” who were headed for the executive suite, and coaching was perceived as a remedy for poor performance, both are becoming mainstream tools for accomplishing many important corporate goals. These include enhancing performance, boosting productivity, providing management training, encouraging multi-tasking, and that all-important goal of improving employee retention.”

Harvard Business Review.