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The challenge for leaders has never been greater. Unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty, increasing demands for greater efficiency, and resource constraints require leaders to be able to constantly balance competing demands in order to deliver required outcomes.


“Our coaches singularly and collectively provide coaching support and expertise to individuals and organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.”

Executive Education provides a range of offerings to cater for the broad range of challenges and opportunities you might be currently facing in your role and career.


Maximising Leadership Growth

AIM WA+UWA Business School Executive Education has a diverse panel of experts who have coached thousands of senior executives in Australia, interstate and internationally.

Each coach has a unique coaching style and their background includes extensive business experience such as: human resources, organisational development, marketing, leadership, diagnostics, and team development. Our panel also includes several psychologists. Our coaches have a minimum of 10 years experience and are comfortable working with coaching conversations that focus on both the “inner work” (attitudes, values); and the “outer work” (skills and growth).

Our coaches singularly and collectively provide coaching support and expertise to individuals and organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Together our panellists provide a breadth of experience and expertise which will ensure that the coachee can be matched to a coach whose skills, approach and experience will enable the coachee to get the most out of the coaching conversation.

Executive Education coaches’ pass through a rigorous quality assurance and vetting process, and participate in ongoing personal and professional development through our active Coaching Community of Practice. The Coaching Community of Practice provides our coaches with an opportunity to meet regularly to discuss best practice in coaching methodology.

We expect our coaches to:

  • Have access to a toolkit of approaches and models to suit whatever needs a coachee presents with
  • Have formal training in Psychology or Coaching
  • Be able to work with the coachee to identify underlying assumptions, beliefs and patterns of behaviour that are working for them (or not working in some cases)
  • Be aware of the strategic and external influences of the coachee
  • Work towards action and progress
  • Be able to work with leaders at all levels
  • Be able to offer up a variety of diagnostics and assessment tools as required
  • Have had some leadership experience and/or exposure to working in organisations

Our coaching approach includes one-on-one confidential conversations and team coaching. Our coaches also have a range of diagnostic tools at their disposal which support the individual or team insight into strengths and areas for development. Additionally, our suite of courses can be aligned to follow-up coaching to further assist learnings and skills to be applied to the workplace.