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AIM WA+UWA Business School Executive Education, the Bankwest Foundation and Australian Scholarships Foundation have joined forces to offer multiple scholarships to not-for-profit staff living and working in Western Australia. The following scholarships are available in 2019:

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The Sir Joseph Francis Ledger Charitable Trust is a legacy of the well known West Australian industrialist, Sir Frank Ledger. Sir Frank founded and built the successful engineering company Ledger Investments Pty Ltd and acted in the role of Governing Director. He also held many other positions in business and served as Chairman and Director of a number of organisations. 

Sir Frank believed in the value of lifelong learning and sought to provide educational opportunities for people with limited funding. The Sir Frank Ledger Trust was established in 1972 and was followed in 1982 by the inaugural AMP Scholarship, generously bequeathed to the University of Western Australia Business School. 

Applications for financial assistance are invited from senior leaders in the not-for-profit and small business sectors. One full-program scholarship (or equivalent part-program scholarship) is available for the October 2019 program. 

Applications should be submitted via email: For enquiries please phone our Client Relationship Manager, Emily Levy, on +61 8 9383 8090.

Applications for our 2019 AMP are now open until 1 August 2019.



Amanda Alldrick
“As I wrote my application for the Sir Frank Ledger Scholarship in January this year, I hoped for growth in my own skills as an authentic and ethical leader at Greening Australia. Any nerves I had before arriving were quickly distilled as I met the AIM team, the participants and facilitators. As we launched into an interactive “ice breaker”, I immediately felt connected with the group, comfortable in my own skin and very excited to be there. These feelings stayed with me for the entire week.

The week delivered far beyond my initial hopes. I was challenged and inspired by experts across critical business areas. I engaged with my coach to learn more about myself through the LSI and spent time with peers discussing pivotal issues that they are currently facing in their businesses. The opportunity to participate in this program would not have been possible for me as an employee in the not-for-profit sector and I am incredibly grateful for this scholarship.” 

Ryan Laden

“Thanks to the Sir Frank Ledger Scholarship, I experienced a world of great leadership and management education that had previously been closed off to people working in the not-for-profit sector. The experience of being a part of the AMP was one that has already positively impacted my ability to provide my community with a higher degree of competence and confidence in all areas of organisational leadership. 

What we received from this experience went well beyond a simple presentation of high quality content. We were routinely challenged to find practical and immediate application for the ideas and theories being set before us. The work done with our peers allowed us to process and absorb the vast quantity of high quality leadership principles and I know we all grew professionally and personally from these interactions. I could not be more grateful for this opportunity and hope that others in positions like mine will find their way into courses like this for a long time to come."